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Hurricane Dimez About To Tear Through Eastern Canada

Alex Dimez will be joining fellow “Way Up” collaborator Jay Vernon on the East Coast leg of the Sunnyvale Liquor tour.

Make sure to catch Alex Dimez and pick up some merch when he passes through your city!



TWO NEW Alex Dimez Tracks on Latest Hand’Solo Compilation

Alex Dimez can be found on the “Bassments of Badmen 3” compilation, released by Hand’Solo to celebrate their 20 year anniversary.

With labelmates Mer and Rayne Drop, Alex Dimez delivers his stormy flow as the three “Put It On” before he joins royceBIRTH to talk about his “Love of the Game.”

Preview the songs (tracks 3 & 39) and purchase the compilation on Bandcamp.

Alex Dimez Goes “Way Up” With Jay Vernon, Stricklin, and Mizzy

Visuals for Jay Vernon – Way Up featuring Alex Dimez, Stricklin, and Mizzy were released over the long weekend:

“Way Up” is available on the new Jay Vernon album 11:11 To The Top (iTunes) and the Alex Dimez compilation Once Upon A Dimez.

Video shot by: Steve Mosher
Edited by: aQt Visuals

JUST RELEASED: Alex Dimez – Burn DJ Pack


Warning: The mixture of Set2, FenaxiZ, Alex Dimez, and Taylor Made is considered highly flammable.

Produced by The Quarter Inch Kings, “Burn” features the four Toronto lyricists combine with explosive chemistry in a crew anthem off Alex Dimez’ latest release “Once Upon A Dimez.

Play, but proceed with caution.


  1. Burn (album mix)
  2. Burn (radio edit)
  3. Burn (instrumental)
  4. Burn (acapella)


The Darkness Video Has Been Released!

March 7, 1965 will forever be known as Bloody Sunday: the day 600 civil rights demonstrators were brutally beaten by law enforcement after marching from Selma to protest the murder of 26-year old black male Jimmie Lee Jackson by an Alabama State Trooper.

51 years later, in recognition of this anniversary, rappers Yung Notic and Alex Dimez have released a video for Darkness as they question if things have truly improved for the black community after seeing history repeat itself with the senseless deaths of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and countless others.

Trading verses over haunting piano-stabs, the two lyricists combine social commentary with frustration:

“If you ain’t shooting hoops, running field, or getting lyrical /
Probably locked in a cell or getting spiritual /
It’s crazy when you crying for help, but they ain’t hearing you” – Yung Notic
“Real talk, not even Jesus can save us /
They shoot our fam and now they bombing our neighbours /
We need to wake up” – Alex Dimez

With samples of recent news reports playing in the background, listeners can only share in their grief – but, regardless, Yung Notic offers hope:

“I think it’s time for a change /
We need a resolution starting with the heart and the brain /
You need to change the image that you had in your frame /
and make a difference so our children never suffer the pain”

JUST RELEASED: Once Upon A Dimez


After a 5-year hiatus, Toronto rapper Alex Dimez returns with Once Upon A Dimez. This 17-track album encompasses the classics, remixes, features, b-sides, rarities, and more, which Alex Dimez recorded from 2006 to 2016.

Once Upon A Dimez captures the highlights of the last decade in Alex Dimez’ recording career and was made for the fans who have missed hearing his thunderous delivery since he released the Twenty Dimez EP in 2010; it also provides the perfect opportunity for new listeners who want to get familiar!

This essential collection is a precursor to Alex Dimez’ comeback EP, G10bal Warming, and his first full-length LP, C10ud Dimez, both due to drop in 2016.

Once Upon A Dimez is currently available for purchase in physical format on the online store.


01. Stormy
02. All Out
03. Green feat. King Jus
04. My Big Brother
05. Bustin’ Stereo Decks
06. The Statement feat. Angerville
07. So Hard
08. On The Scene feat. Soz
09. Darkness feat. Notic
10. Throne Speech feat. Sporadic
11. Go For Broke feat FenaxiZ, Wylie
12. Burn feat. Set2, FenaxiZ, Taylor Made
13. Get Up feat. Denise Deion, Taylor Made
14. The Strongest Link Remix feat. FenaxiZ, Kendo, Tre Nice
15. Sheeza Dansssa feat. King Jus, Kolor Brown
16. Way Up feat. Jay Vernon, Stricklin, Mizzy
17. All Out Remix




Darkness – Notic feat. Alex Dimez

Alex Dimez is featured on the new track Darkness by Notic. Over haunting piano stabs, the two Toronto lyricists provide social commentary inspired by the killing of mike brown as well as countless other innocent black men.

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