I’m Alex Dimez, the Young G.O.D.D, more popular for my grime
Get to know me through rhyme while I’m massaging your mind – Alex Dimez, All Out


Don’t say you weren’t warned. A storm by the name of Alex Dimez has been brewing in Toronto and he will sweep through your city. This raw force of nature drops brilliant flashes of boastful lyrics that both elevate him above his peers while still connecting with the underground.

In 2016, Alex Dimez will land worldwide with the G10bal Warming EP – a collaboration with Norway’s Mos M Beats where they test the limits of their creativity. Following that, he will be dropping the C10ud Dimez LP with a fury born from a lifetime of highs and lows.

Alex Dimez last touched down in 2010 when he flooded the streets with the Twenty Dimez EP. Instantly, Hip-Hop heads recognized his thunderous mic presence on 12” singles such as “All Out” and “Green,” which charted in the top 30 across all genres that year. Released on Hand’Solo Records, this EP was only a glimpse of Alex Dimez’ devastating potential.

I’m out here warrin’, my name is making a statement
Homie, I’m tourin’ different cities, trying to make it – Alex Dimez, Stormy


While the Twenty Dimez EP was his first project released on a respected Canadian label, it had been years in the making as Alex Dimez spent more than a decade studying the industry and gaining knowledge through performances on national tours. Alongside artists such as Necro, Termanology, EPMD, AZ, Slaughterhouse, and Masta Ace, to name a few, Alex Dimez honed his craft and left his mark from Vancouver to Quebec.

During one stop in Barrie, Ontario, he caught the attention of smoke shop Liquid Chrome. This encounter led to an endorsement deal where Alex Dimez became the first and only Canadian artist with a branded line of waterpipes and stash jars. Blown by Hi-Guy and certified by Puff, this glassware set is the perfect companion piece to the Twenty Dimez EP.

Yet, with his cloud rising, Alex Dimez had to step back when a series of personal tragedies and family losses tested his mental and physical wellbeing. After regaining a new sense of self-awareness, he has returned more focused than ever; and fans will definitely take note on G10bal Warming and C10ud Dimez.

Right from the very start, I always knew I’d be a star – Alex Dimez, Bustin’ Stereo Decks


The spotlight has never been new to the adult Alex Dimez. At the age of 8, he was an original member of the Juno Award-winning rap boy-band Too Bad To Be True. Though he left the group before their first major label album on Cold Chillin’ Records was released in 1993, he will be joining them for their upcoming 25th anniversary reunion project.

Indeed, Alex Dimez has been hovering over the Canadian Hip-Hop landscape for some time. A long-time radio host and integral member of several artist movements, he can also be heard on numerous collaborations, mixtapes, and compilations. As a pre-cursor to the G10bal Warming EP, these tracks have been collected into the Once Upon A Dimez anthology.

If his run in 2010 is any indication, the forecast for Alex Dimez looks promising. With at least two projects on the way, a natural determination to win, and a mature outlook, the storm that is Alex Dimez is headed your way.

Just don’t say you weren’t warned.