The Darkness Video Has Been Released!

March 7, 1965 will forever be known as Bloody Sunday: the day 600 civil rights demonstrators were brutally beaten by law enforcement after marching from Selma to protest the murder of 26-year old black male Jimmie Lee Jackson by an Alabama State Trooper.

51 years later, in recognition of this anniversary, rappers Yung Notic and Alex Dimez have released a video for Darkness as they question if things have truly improved for the black community after seeing history repeat itself with the senseless deaths of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and countless others.

Trading verses over haunting piano-stabs, the two lyricists combine social commentary with frustration:

“If you ain’t shooting hoops, running field, or getting lyrical /
Probably locked in a cell or getting spiritual /
It’s crazy when you crying for help, but they ain’t hearing you” – Yung Notic
“Real talk, not even Jesus can save us /
They shoot our fam and now they bombing our neighbours /
We need to wake up” – Alex Dimez

With samples of recent news reports playing in the background, listeners can only share in their grief – but, regardless, Yung Notic offers hope:

“I think it’s time for a change /
We need a resolution starting with the heart and the brain /
You need to change the image that you had in your frame /
and make a difference so our children never suffer the pain”